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» Simi Medical Group, Inc. (SMG) shows respect for persons, not because of anything they do or any rank they hold, but because they reflect the face of God.

» SMG works toward the common good within the communities we serve. The common good is realized when economic, political and social conditions protect and promote the basic rights of all persons and enable them to reach their common goals.

» SMG respects the dignity of all persons without regard to age, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, culture, race, ethnicity, gender or economic, immigration or employment status. We believe that health care is a social good and a community service and that access to health care is a fundamental right of all persons.

» SMG has reverence at every stage of life's journey from conception to natural death. Therefore, we do not provide or refer patients for direct abortion.

» SMG believes that patients have the right to make medical decisions, including accepting or rejecting treatment, and must give free and informed consent before any intervention. They also have a right to make an advance directive and to name a surrogate decision maker, and they or their surrogates must have access to medical and other information regarding their care.

» SMG believes that patients have a right to privacy of their persons and of their medical information and must be able to trust that our record-keeping and information systems are reliable and safe.

» SMG believes that patients' families are an integral part of their care, and patient advocates are welcome.

» SMG believes that there is no obligation to begin or continue treatment, even life-sustaining treatment, if from the patient's perspective it is an excessive burden or offers no reasonable hope of benefit. Death is a sacred part of life's journey; we will intentionally neither hasten nor delay it. For this reason, we do not provide or refer patients for physician-assisted suicide.

» SMG believes that, although pain management in all its forms is critical in allowing a person to die comfortably and with dignity, palliative care is consistent with all types of treatment and is not limited to those persons who are at the end of life.

» SMG respects all dimensions of the person including their spiritual life. We practice skilled listening that assists people of all faiths and those of no faith to tap their own beliefs, values and spiritual practices as they experience illness, trauma, recovery and loss.

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